Thursday, 25 August 2011


Above spelling of our city is applicable , acceptable , prevalent  in every Office , Home , Commercial Establishment  and in in Railway as may be seen from  the above Photo of Railway Board. However if you desire to book your e-Ticket online  on the Railway authorized website  on  IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation System , then you are in for a surprise
Those who book frequently know that our City is spelled differently over there , which is as under :-         


Isn't it most surprising ?

However there is SHAHJAHANPUR[SZP]  on Railway Map which is our city and from that Meter Gauge .Passenger Trains run between  Shahjahanpur -Pilibhit-Tanakpur  which  is pure Passenger Train having no reservation  facility.

Sooner or later all Meter Gauge Lines would be converted into BroadGauge and then our City with correct spelling may vanish from the Railway Map. However at present Shahjahanpur {SZP} is a separate Railway Station in Shahjahanpur which is just adjacent to Broad Gauge Railway Station.

A passenger waiting to Board the Passenger Train for Tanakpur at  SHAHJAHANPUR[SZP] Railway  Station.

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