Thursday, 30 May 2013


(Main idea borrowed)
       Name:  Murali Dhurendar Godbole
       Ploicy No:  10539/52 (Toot Phoot)
       Place of accident: Construction site, Motiara Bend, AK
       Date and Time: 30th of February, 2011, 6 p.m.
       Claim: Multiple fractures and injuries.
1. Deep lacerations on the back and on the hip
2. Left hip bone fractured
3. Two fingers of right hand crushed.
4. Head injuries (cuts, suspected fracture)
5. Right leg bone below the knee fractured.
     I am a mason working with the Metaorang Construction Company Ltd. On the day in question I finished my work at around 6 p.m. I was laying bricks at third floor level. I had a supply of bricks in a drum which was hanging next to me over a pulley. I came down the ladder and decided to bring down the brick drum, not wanting it to remain dangerously hanging through the night. I loosened the rope tied to a nail on the ground that passed over a pulley on the top. I failed to let the rope go and realised too late that I was climbing up as the drum loaded with the bricks was coming down at increasing speed. I was too high now to let the rope go for if I did I would fall on the ground. Soon my butt met the loaded drum as it passed me and that left deep bruise on my left hip. I heard the noise of the drum hitting the ground with force as I found at the same time that I had climbed the whole length of the rope up and my three fingers were fed two knuckles deep to the pulley with the rope. This accounts for my crushed fingers. The drum met the ground with such a force that the weight of the bricks knocked the bottom off and now, I being heavier than the brick less, bottom less drum, started my journey downwards as the drum was climbing up. We met again in the middle leaving deep gashes on my back. I landed on the pile of the bricks and had the mentioned fracture on my left hip. In an agony I let the rope go and now the empty drum came down and I was not quick enough to move out of the way. It landed squarely on my head and then on my right leg. This will explain why I am complaining about head injuries and leg fracture.
Note: Early settlement will be appreciated as I feel very much down as it is.