Sunday, 29 May 2011

कोरान इलहामी किताब है


I am aware that there was a person who earned sometime back his Ph.D. from a Gujarati University proving two things , one after the other: (one):-That The Qoraan is NOT from God (Naoozobillah) and (two):- That The Qoraan IS from God. The names of the person and that of the Uni have escaped me.

Before I ask you to read further, I wish to ask Allah (SWT) and you to pardon me if I have made a mistake in what I think is the case.

My coviction is that it is from the heart that you must SEE the Qoraan and you will see it IS from the God and no PROOF is required. Never the less, we have been asked by Allah (SWT) in Qoraan itself to ponder and think. And we cannot but notice certain things. Although I am definitely no authority, no, not even nearly, of Qoraan or of any other disciplin like Economics. But certain things become so popular that even novices come to know about it. I have also come across a very established rule of economics. I noticed that this rule recieved Allah’s attention and He asks us to follow it. The rule is: ‘spend’ and ‘do not save’ (so that the economy will be vibrant.) Also the less the interest, the more progressive the economy. (SEE THE FEW AYAT OF SURAH BAQARAH AND THE WORDS, " WAMIMMA RAZAQNAHUM YUNFIQOON")

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