Saturday, 8 October 2011


When I sleep on my charpoy, I have a feeling there is someone sleeping under it. So I change my position and sleep under the charpoy. Then I have a feeling there is some one sleeping above me. I move up, then .. This goes on the whole night and I am worried.
Psychiatrist: The condition is serious. The full cure will cost you Rs 4000 and it will take 2 months.
He went away. After some time the doctor met him in the market: Why did you not come back? he said I called a carpenter who charged me Rs 4 and cut the four legs of the charpoy in ten min. Now I sleep on this charpoy which has no space underneath.The charpoy needed the cure, not me.

Man: whenever I drink my coffee, I feel a sharp pain in my right eye,
Doctor presents him with a cup of coffee and asks him to drink it. He mixes some sugar and takes a sip. AAAAARRRGHH
Doctor: Try removing the spoon from the cup.


  1. thanks sir,
    you are ev
    njoying Europe these days and thanks fot the lively commentary and the picturs


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