Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I coul'nt disagree more when I read some where as an opinion that God is the creation of man's mind and He does not exist actually. see here:
जंगल में एक पेड़ गिरा और जोर की आवाज़ पैदा हुई.आस पास कोई प्राणी नहीं था जो इस आवाज़ को सुनता या गिरते हुए पेड़ को देखता. तो मानो वह पेड़ गिरा ही नहीं.
(Translation: A tree falls in a jungle making a huge noise. There was no one around who could hear the noise or witness the fall.So for all you know the tree never fell.)
God has said,"I was a Hidden Treasure then I decided to make myself known so I created the creation".(Hadees-e-qudsee)
Everything around us including us NOW indicates HIS presence. If we cannot see or hear (or choose not to) we behave as if we are absent when every where 'trees' are falling and 'making' a lot of noise.