Friday, 20 May 2011


Since last three generations  we have been  in   Government Services  . Earlier  two i.e. my father & grandfather   are  no  more   and  I  am  a retired  Government  Official  drawing pension.  I  am  narrating  this  because  I  want to clarify the Class to which  we  belong.  I  made  this  classification  on  my  own.

1. Super  Rich   ....  Those  who  make  news for  their  fortunes.
2. Very  Rich    .....   These  persons  are  really  rich  but  often  they  don't make  news.
3. Rich    .................   Rich  means   , rich  who   can  buy all the comforts which they desire.
4. Middle  class.......... As their name illustrates they are no where.
5. Poor........................Poor  means  Poor  who is not assured of his both times meal.
6.Non-entity .......These  Poor don't figure any where and no body bothers/cares about them . They  have  got  no  voice.

    Just  to  be  modest  about ourselves   we  made  three  Class of  Middle  Class  viz.   Upper   Middle Class , Middle Class  and  Lower  Middle Class and  I  placed  myself  in  Lower  Middle  Class  and  I  was  happy  till  yesterday. A  news  item has  robbed  my  satisfaction , with  which  I  lived  so  long.  A  report   by  National Council for Applied Economic  Research { NCAER}  for " Center for macro Consumer Research "   has  explained  that a  family falls under  middle  class  whose  annual  income is  between 3.7 Lakh  to 17  Lakh  based on price level  of 2009-10.

      Now  I  as   a  Pensioner  I  don't  fall   even   under  Lower  Middle  Class, that  means  I  am  really  a  poor  man  and  so  long  I  was  cheating  myself.
However in  this  age  of  information , we  all  have  got  access  to  all  the  data ,  information &  report   but  have  we  got  knowledge ?  I  feel that  we  lack knowledge.  These  data &  reports  are like  Bikini  which  shows all the  prominent things but  conceals all the vital statistics.

     They say  this  is  information  age  but  I  feel  that  it  is  mis-information  age. We  are  being  regularly  fed  with  all  the  things  which  are  not  relevant  to  us and  all  the  matters  which  really  matter  to  us  are  being  kept  aside  . Matters important  to  us  are  not  being  brought  out   and  we  are  busy  with CWG  ,  IPL  ,  World  Cup  and  next  year  in  Olympic .   These  things  which  are  not  important  for  us  being  planned  well  in  advance   and  things  which  matter  for  Poor are  being  ignored  lying  hidden or  being pushed  under  the  carpet.

ye faislaa to shaayad Waqt bhi na kar sakay
Sach kaun boltaa hai adaakaar kaun hai ... 

                                    Mairaj  Faizabadi

This applies to all the items , media report , and whatever we read , surf , listen or  even  think........


  1. 1)Eemaan ki daulat sab se badi daulat hai.Baqi sab maya hai
    2)Rupya na ho to chor ka khatka nahin rahta. (Dua deta hun rahzan ko.....)
    3)Daulat ho to aakherat mein hisaab ka jhanjhat hai to na hona achcha.
    4)Agar hai to doosron par kharch kar ke itmenaan hasil karna chaiye.
    5)Sabse badi khushi zarooratmand ki madad kar ke hasil hoti hai.
    6)Ameeri gharibi sab relative terms hain. Hamare hisab se jo ameer hain woh aur ke yahan gharib ki categary men aate hain. (In NZ those with family income of NZ 60,000 p.a.or less with small children are entitled for weekly dole. 1NZ$ = RS.33/-)
    yes it is disinformation age. and if one qualifies for most of the above definitions, then one should be grateful.

  2. This post reminds me of a stand up routine by my favorite comedian of all time: George Carlin. Since I'm quoting George, there is no way I can improve on what he said. So please just have a look at this 1 min description about the disinformation spread by media which is ordered by elites and sanctioned by authorities.


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