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 The vedio at the end of this write up is the one where Tina Sani sings this wonderfull mix of Ghalib and Daagh’s ghazals in Raag Darbari.
Daagh’s real name was Nawab Mirza Khan. He was born in Delhi in 1831.
Daagh lost his father, Nawab Shamsuddin Khan when he was just seven years old. Subsequently, his mother remarried the heir apparent of the Mughal Empire, Shahzada Fateh-ul-Mulk otherwise known as Mirza Fakhru, the son of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. Daagh was young when Ghalib was old.
Here I will try to demonstrate how closely Daagh writes a ghazal which is almost exactly a mirror image of Ghalib’s ghazal in the same zameen.
یہ نہ تھی ہماری قسمت کہ وصال یار ہوتا
ا گر اور جیتے رہتے یہی انتظار ہوتا
عجب اپنا حال ہوتا جو وصال یار ہوتا
کبھی جان صدقے ہوتی کبھی دل نثار ہوتا
2. Ghalib
کوئی میرے دل سے پوچھے تیرے تیر نیم کش کو
یہ خلش کہاں سے ہوتی جو جگر کے پار ہوتا
2. Daagh
یہ مزہ تھا دللگی کا کہ برابر آگ لگتی
نہ تمھیں قرار ہوتا نہ ہمیں قرار ہوتا
3. Ghalib
ہوے مر کے ہم جو رسوا ہوے کیوں نہ غرق دریا
نہ کبھی جنازہ اٹھتا نہ کہیں مزار ہوتا
3. Dagh
کوئی فتنہ تا قیامت نہ پھر آشکار ہوتا
تیرے دل پے کاش ظالم مجھے اختیار ہوتا
4. Ghalib
یہ کہاں کی دوستی ہے کہ بنے ہیں دوست ناصح
کوئی چارہ  ساز ہوتا کوئی غم گسار ہوتا
4. Dagh
نہ مزہ ہے دشمنی میں نہ ہے لطف دوستی میں
کوئی غیر غیر ہوتا کوئی یار یار ہوتا
5. Ghalib
تیرے وعدے پر جئے  ہم تو یہ جان جھوٹ جانا
کہ خوشی سے مر نہ جاتے اگر اعتبار ہوتا
5. Dagh
تیرے وعدے پرستمگرابھی اورصبرکرتے
اگر اپنی زندگی کا ہمیں اعتبار ہوتا
6. Ghalib
کہوں کس سے میں کہ کیا ہے شب غم بری بلا ہے
مجھے کیا برا تھا مرنا اگر ایک بار ہوتا
6. Daagh: No sher found that will correspond to this one.

[The translations are literal for the most part, but I have taken the liberty to convey the subtle meaning hidden in the language when using literal meaning of the words would look awkward in English].
 1. Ghalib:
Yeh na thi hamaari qismat ke visaal-e- yaar hota
Agar aur jeete rahte yahi intezaar hota
 [Me and meet my beloved? It was not to be; had I lived longer, only waiting would have been my lot]
   1. Daagh: 
Ajab apna haal hota jo visaal-e-yaar hota
kabhi jaan sadqe hoti kabhi dil nisaar hota
[If ever I should have met my beloved, it would be a scene to behold; Now I would offer my life, now my soul]
2. Ghalib:
koi mere dil se poochhe tere teer e neem kash ko
ye khalish kahaaN se hoti jo jigar ke paar hota.
[Ask me about the arrow that I received and that has half pierced my soul, If it had passed right through, how come I feel such a pain?]
[Here by the arrow what is alluded is a momentary side glance that the beloved casts and is enough to shatter the inner peace and leaves one in anguish; it is different from the full stare that has no shades of inhibition.] 
2. Daagh:
ye maza tha dillagi ka k barabar ag lagti
na tumhen qarar hota na hamain qarar hota
[it would have been great fun if both sides would have experienced similar burning feeling; neither you would have had any peace (of mind) nor I.]
3. Ghalib:
Hue mar ke ham jo ruswa, hue kyooN na gharq e dariya
Na kabhi janaaza uThta, na kahiN mazaar hota.
[Had I known how people will call me names after my death, I would have preferred getting drowned in a sea. In that way there would be no funeral and no tomb]
3. Daagh:
koi fitna taa qayaamat na phir aashkaar hota
tere dil pe kaash zaalim mujhe ikhteyaar hota.
[If only I was fortunate enough to have full control over your heart, O my beloved, there would never be any trouble till end of time.]
4. Ghalib:
ye kahaN ki dosti hai ke bane haiN dost naaseh
koi chara saaz hota koi gham gusaar hota
[What type of friendship is this that I ended up having priests (preachers) as friends?  I would rather have someone who would guide, or someone who would lessen my sadness.] 
4. Daagh:
na maza hai dushmani main na hai lutf dosti main
koi ghair ghair hota koi yar yar hota
[There is neither any fun in having friends nor is there any ‘pleasure’ (these days) coming from the enemies. I long for some real friends and for a few great adversaries]  
5. Ghalib:
tere wade par jiye ham to ye jaan jhoot jana
ke khushi se mar na jaate agar etbaar hota.
[When you see me live after you have promised (to have a rendezvous with me), then you must be sure that I have considered it to be a false promise, because if I had believed it to be a genuine promise I would have died of the delight and of the anticipation.]
5. Daagh
tere wade par sitamagar abhi aur sabr karte
agar apni zindagi ka hamain aitabar hota
[O my beloved (torturer as you are) I would show more patience at your promise if only I had assurance of my life.(therefore please forgive my being so eager and impatient.)
6. Ghalib:
kahuN kis se main ke kya hai shab e gham buri bala hai
mujhe kya bura tha marna agar ek baar hota.
[How treacherous and painfully long are the nights of my grief is hard to tell. I would welcome death had it been but once, (instead of dying a thousand deaths, every moment of loneliness)
6. Daagh : (I never found yet a sher of Daagh that would correspond to this sher of Ghalib)