Monday, 14 November 2011


   हमारा पेपर  और  टीवी   महाशातक   का  इंतज़ार करता ही रहा  और  हम  इंग्लैंड से हारकर भारत भी वापस आ  गए   फिर  से  हमारी  टीम  ने  जीतना  भी  शुरू कर  दिया   मगर  हम  महाशातक  का  ही  राग  अलापते  रहे   और  इसमें  हमने  अपने  एक  महान  खिलाड़ी  की  उपलब्धिओं  की  अनदेखी  कर  दी .  इस  बारे  में  मैं  ने  पहले  भी  अपने  विचार  लिखे  थे 

मेरा  कहना  है  की  श्री  दीवार  { Mr Wall }  ने  अपना  ३६ वाँ  शतक  भी  चुप चाप  ठोक  दिया  इस  वर्ष द्रविड़ का  ५ वाँ  शतक  है 

द्रविड़  जिसका  रिकॉर्ड  बोलते  हैं   मगर  हमारा  मीडिया   शांत  रहता  है  वोह  स्सिर्फ़  महाशातक   का  राग  अलाप  कर   हमारे  बल्ले  बाजों   का  बोझ  ही  बढाता  है 


  1. yes you are right. Dravid is consistent in his achievements.There are more examples when Little master scored a hundred but the team lost than in any other team I can think of.But now I heard he has made his hundredth hundred after all. He received a hundred gold coins!That's great indeed.

  2. You see in this match three players have made century, but we should not forget that In Cricket Chance plays a bigger role , Pitch plays much bigger role so we should not harp on records . Records are for post-mortem & can not be foreseen.

    However Thanks Shakil Bhai.

  3. I wrote above that Sachin had made his 100th 100 (Nov 15, 2011) But no it was wrong. He is still searching for it. At this very moment, (Jan 27, 2011)5:40 p.m. Auckland time, he is at the crease in the last innings of the test series with Australia. may be today....


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