Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Journey starts from New Delhi  Metro  Railway Station for Airport Metro Express. Station outside needed lot of finishing , cleaning , maintenance and so many other things. But inside it was all World Class , best and you can feel proud that you have got now World class facilities. It takes 18 minutes from New Delhi to reach Terminal 3 of IGIA  , a pretty good saving of time with all the facilities and comforts.. I saw Terminal 3 first time from inside , it is really good and world class. Since I was  an early bird I relaxed inside and in Lounge all sort of facilities including Duty Free Shopping and Food Courts were available. I opted for our own Idli & Bada in relaxed atmosphere. Then at 04.10 AM my journey to Moscow started and reached there after approx 6 Hours. For changing the Flight I have to shift from Ter. F to Ter, D. At my age and being novice it was a tougher part of journey to search the Ter. D and Gate 18 with my Wife so the Quotation

.The devil himself had probably redesigned Hell in the light of information he had gained from observing airport layouts.

Any how reached Heathrow at 12.30 PM  and thereafter there was a long long Que at Immigration Counter and it almost took one hour to reach the Desk where Officer inquired whether you have come on Holiday. Not at all at my age we simply visit to meet our near & dear . Here we would meet our brother and his family and stay for 11 day only and then move to Belgium to meet my son . 

So  the first leg of my 43 days journey has commenced. We are here comfortable and relaxed. Since my brother -in-law is a retired civil servant like me , we have got plenty of time to exchange our experiences and little tit bits.

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